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Friday, June 15, 2018

Columbia University - New York , USA

Institute of Columbia University ( English : Columbia University ) is a university research and private area Morningside Heights District Manhattan , New York , USA . Columbia is a member of the Ivy League . Columbia is the oldest institution of higher education in New York, the fifth oldest in the United States, and one of the nine colleges founded prior to the American Revolution . The College was founded in 1754 as King's CollegeUnder the royal charter of King George II of the United Kingdom , and one of the only three universities in the United States established under this privilege.

Website: www.columbia.edu

Columbia University - New York , USA

Columbia annually administers the American Literature Prize , the Pulitzer Prize , and is one of the founding members of the Association of American University Institutions . Columbia has more links with Nobel laureates than any other institution in the world. Columbia's annual grant and funding foundation is among the largest in US colleges. Columbia University currently has four global centers in Amman , Jordan ; Beijing , China ; Paris , France ; and Mumbai , India .

Former student and associate members of the University of celebrities including five home Opening States ( Founding Fathers of the United States ); Four Presidents of the United States , including incumbents ; nine Judges of the United States Supreme Court ; 15 Heads of State outside the United States; 97 Nobel laureates, more than any other university; The Pulitzer Prize winner, more than any other university; 25 Oscars , with more than 30 Oscars, more than any other university; and the owners of prestigious awards in many areas. Columbia is the workplace and teaching of nine Nobel laureates, 30 employersthe MacArthur Genius , four owners of Medal National Scientific American , 143 members of the Academy of Arts and Sciences USA , 38 members of the Institute of Health in the group of the Academy of Country USA , 20 members of the American Academy of Engineering , and 43 members of the American Academy of Sciences .


Columbia is the oldest high school in New York . Established and chartered under the name of King's College in 1754, Columbia is the sixth oldest institution in the United States, based on its founding year, and the fifth is based on the annual charter. The current university operates under the Charter of 1787, which is under the management of a private trust council . Over the course of more than 250 years, Columbia has evolved from a small university to a university with a mix of 20 universities and associate institutes.

King's College 

The discussion surrounding the founding of a New York University high school (then British colony ) began in 1704. However, the projections offered only received serious consideration after A number of former Yale students living in New York City are concerned that the University of New Jersey, now Princeton University, was founded in 1746. between New York under the influence of the Presbyterian Church in New England and New Jersey ; In addition, local residents feared that New York would be less culturally and intellectually close to the other side of the Hudson River.. Thus, they set up New York's private academy as a competitive school with the University of New Jersey. Classes began on July 17, 1754 at the Trinity Cathedral courtyard with Samuel Johnson as the principal and sole instructor. On October 31, 1754, the school officially accepted the charter established from King George II with the name of King's College (literally: King's College). In 1760, King's College moved to Park Place, near the City Hall. Since then, the school has grown rapidly, becoming the first medical school in the British colonies in North America in 1767.

From the very beginning, however, there has been much debate over the establishment of a high-level academy in the colony that belongs to the Church of England, not to mention the British royal administration 's influence . The financial superiority of King's College compared to other colonial colleges provided the basis for this fear.

The American Revolution and the ensuing war between the colonies and the British Army led to King's College's collapse for a long time, from 1776 when the Continental Army attacked New York until 1783 when British troops withdrew. retreat. In these eight years, the school had to be shut down, while the main library was transformed into a hospital serving the war.

Although considered a royal emblem of Britain, King's College was the birthplace of many characters who played a key role in the revolution of colonial independence. Typical of the first students of the school included: John Jay , who negotiated the Paris Agreement (1783) ended the war with England and who later became Chief Justice Supreme Court of the United States first The Alexander Hamilton , George Washington 's guru , author of most of the Federated Essays (backed by a strong federal government), the first US Treasury secretary ; Gouverneur Morris , author of theThe US Constitution ; Robert R. Livingston , one of the five drafters of the American Declaration of Independence ; and Egbert Benson , Member of the Continental Congress and one of the signatories of the United States Constitution.