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University of Edinburgh - Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

University of Edinburgh (abbreviated  Edin), founded in 1582, is the oldest university sixth in the world speaks English and is one of the university Ancient of Scotland . The university is in the city of  Edinburgh , with many old houses in the Old Town owned by the school.

Location: Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

University of Edinburgh - Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

Edinburgh University is ranked 19th in the world in the QS 2016-17 rankings. The University is ranked 23 in the world according to the QS Ranking 2018School is ranked as the 6th best universities in Europe according to the ranking of the best universities of the US world , and the seventh best in Europe by the Times Higher Education Rankings. Research Excellence Framework, a research ranking used by the UK government to identify future research funding, ranks Edinburgh 4th in research capacity, and rank 11th overall. The University is ranked 78th in the world by the Global University Rankings 2017. It is a member of both the Russell Group and the Federation of European Universities , a consortium of 21 research universities in Europe. The  university has the third largest property on the list of universities in the UK, after the universities of  Cambridge and  Oxford . Its annual revenue for 2016-17 is £ 905.8m, of which £ 265.3m is from research funding and contracts, at a cost of £ 847.5m.

This university played an important role in making Edinburgh a major center of knowledge in the Enlightenment , and created the nickname for the city of Athens in the North. Alma's alumni include some of the most important figures in modern history, including physicist  James Clerk Maxwell , naturalist  Charles Darwin , philosopher  David Hume , mathematician  Thomas Bayes , surgeon study  Joseph Lister , participants signed the Declaration of independence of the United States James Wilson, John Witherspoon and  Benjamin Rush , inventor  Alexander Graham Bell , Tanzania's first president Julius Nyerere , and a number of prominent writers such as  Sir Arthur Conan Doyle , Robert Louis Stevenson , JM Barrie and  Sir Walter Scott . The people involved included 23 Nobel Prize winners, 2 Turing winners , 1 Abel Prize  winner , 1 Field medalist , 2 Pulitzer Prize winners  , 3 British Prime Ministers , 2 in attendance at the Court. The UK Supreme, and some Olympic gold medalists. The College is closely associated with the  Royal Family , with  the Duke of Edinburgh He held the office of president from 1953 to 2010 and then  Princess Anne since 2011.

Edinburgh receives approximately 60,000 admissions applications each year, becoming the second most popular university in the UK according to the volume of applications. [16] After  St Andrews , this is the hardest college to receive in Scotland and is the ninth hardest in the UK overall.



Established by the Edinburgh Town Council, the university began as a law college using part of the surviving legacy of a graduate  of St Andrews University , Rev. Robert Reid of St Magnus Church, Orkney . Thanks to the efforts of the City Council and the mayors of the city, the school gradually expanded and was formally established as a university, with a  Royal Charter , by King  James VI  of Scotland issued on 14 April 1582 after the recommendation of the Council. This was an unusual move at the time, since most of the universities were founded by an  orthodox . Founded under the name of "Tounis College," the college accepted students in October 1583. The teaching began under the supervision of a St Andrews graduate student, Robert Rollock . This was Scotland's fifth university in a time when England was more crowded and richer but had only two universities. The College was renamed King James College in 1617. In the 18th century, the university was a leading center of the Enlightenment in Scotland.

Universities are integrated, through alumni and academic staff, with some of the most significant scientific and theological contributions in human history, including the foundation of Bayesian statistics. Thomas Bayes ), quantum mechanics ( Max Born ), nephrology (Richard Bright), the theory of  evolution ( Charles Darwin ), the initial development of  sociology ( Adam Ferguson ), geologist  modern ( James Hutton , Joseph Lister , classical theory of  electromagnetism ( James Clerk Maxwell ), and Thermodynamics ( William John Macquorn Rankine ); detection / inventor of the  carbon dioxide  ( Joseph Black ), the latent heat (Joseph Black), heat (Joseph Black), HPV vaccine ( Ian Frazer ), mechanisms boson ( Higgs and  Tom Kibble ), arthritis vaccine hepatitis B ( Kenneth Murray ), nitrogen  ( Daniel Rutherford ), anesthetized  using chloroform ( James Young Simpson ) and  SARS ( Nanshan Zhong ); invent telephone ( Alexander Graham Bell ), hypodermic syringes ( Alexander Wood ), kaleidoscope ( David Brewster ) and cable ( Fleeming Jenkin ), thermos ( James Dewar ),  ATM ( John Shepherd-Barron ), orchid ( John Scott Haldane ), and  in vitro fertilization ( Robert Edwards ).

Alumni and other lecturers of the university include the participants signed  the Declaration of Independence United States  James Wilson, John Witherspoon and Benjamin Rush , Prime Minister  Gordon Brown , Lord Palmerston and  Lord John Russell (who last astronaut  Piers Sellers , biologist  Ian Wilmut , geologist Archibald Geikie and  William Edmond Logan , physicist  Sir David Brewster , John Robison and  Peter Guthrie TaitSir Arthur Conan Doyle , Robert Louis Stevenson , JM Barrie , Sir Walter Scott and  Alistair Moffat , economists  Kenneth E. Boulding , James Mirrlees and  John Hardman Moore , historian Sir Tom Devine , actor  Ian Charleson , composers  Kenneth Leighton , James MacMillan , and  William Wordsworth , chemists  William Henry , David Leigh , Guy Lloyd-Jones and  Alexander R. Todd., Botanist Robert Brown , anatomist  James Barry , mathematician  Colin Maclaurin , who learned versatile  Thomas Young , the philosopher  David Hume , pilot  Eric "Winkle" Brown , former  BP CEO Tony Hayward , the former director  MI5 Stella Rimington , John Dickie theorist  and  Robert Preus , Fields mathematician and president of the Royal Society of Edinburgh Sir Michael Atiyah , former home secretary and prime minister of Exchequer Sir John Anderson and  Tasmina Ahmed- Sheikh Member of Parliament of the Ochil area and South Perthshire.


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