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Duke University - Durham, North Carolina, USA

Duke University / d ju k / a university study at private Durham , North Carolina . The university was officially named Duke University in 1924, but has been in operation since 1838. Beginning in the 1970s, the Duke board began a long-term project to strengthen Duke's reputation. inside and outside the United States . The school strives to work collaboratively with the faculties, and the school also includes professors and students of ethnic minorities

Location: Durham, North Carolina, USA

Duke University - Durham, North Carolina, USA


In addition to classrooms, research, and sports, Duke is also famous for its large campus and Gothic architecture , especially the Duke Chapel. The forest is located around the university's hidden campus sections near Durham center. Duke's 35 square kilometers (8709 acres ) includes three principal locations in Durham as well as a marine laboratory in Beaufort, North Carolina . The buildings were repaired to the George School (of the first year students) and the Gothic Western School, as well as the Medical Centernext year for 5 years. Additional work is being done at all three campuses, including renovations to the Central School. This work will complete 20 to 50 years into the future, but the first phase will be completed in the fall of 2008 with an estimated cost of $ 240 million .

Popularity and ratings 

University Rankings 

Duke University ranked in the top 10 in the following college rankings: US News & World Report (# 8), USA Today (# 3), [21] Kiplinger (# 4), The Wall Street Journal (7th overall / output 4 students), the Washington Post (Grade 7), Princeton Review (college dream 5th) and Business Insider (Grade 7). In the past 20 years, US News & World Report has ranked highest Duke is the lowest grade 3 and grade 10. In 2014, Duke ranked first in the US in the field of economic and psychology, and the 10th overall in the field of computer science and engineering. 2016, The Washington Post ranked Duke 7th overall based on cumulative average ratings from US News & World Report , Washington Monthly , the Wall Street Journal / Times Higher Education , the Times Higher Education (Global), Money and Forbes .

Duke University is one of the most prestigious and prestigious universities in the US and around the world. Blue Devils is one of the largest sports programs in the country.


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